First Field Force

The First Cavalry Division.

Viet Nam 1968
A Pivotal Year
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The year started quietly, but 1968 was destined to be a pivotal year for the 1st of the 30th in Vietnam. It would be a year with many happenings that affected the battalion and all US Forces in Vietnam. The year began with "A" battery on LZ Ross, "B" battery on LZ Ollie and "C" battery on LZ Laramie.

The NVA hit LZ Ross on 3 January and suceeded to inflicting 1 KIA and 78 WIA on the US forces (at least 3 from "A" battery) while leaving 96 of their own on the field along with 9 POWs. Being slow learners, the NVA tried again on the 14th of January. The results were approximately the same except for 12 WIA from "A" battery.

On the 22nd of January the 1st Howitzer Battalion, 30th Field Artillery fired it's 500,000th round since arriving in Vietnam. On 27 January, HHB and elements of SVC battery moved to Camp Evans, the new Headquarters of the 1st Cavalry in Thau Thien Province. Apparently the 1st Cav liked the range and power of the 155 and, since they had enjoyed the support of the 1st of the 30th since January of 1966, the battalion was officially attached to the 1st Cav on 10 February.

At the end of January the Viet Cong and the NVA launched their TET Offensive by attacking more than twenty-five major cities and hundreds of smaller hamlets across the country. This escalation of enemy action pulled the First Battalion into more action and more moves than it had seen in the previous year. This increased action in February brought about increased casualties. Battery C lost SP4 David R. Bosworth and PFC James W. Guest and Service Battery reported the loss of SP4 John Spurlock and PFC Dennis Mussman as the result of a 122mm rocket attack on Camp Evans.

Battery A moved to LZ Nola to support the 3rd Brigade of the 1st Air Cavalry Division in the battle for Hue, the old Imperial Capitol of Vietnam. Heavy fighting continued across South Vietnam as US, Korean, Australian, and ARVN Forces repelled the NVA and Viet Cong.

This Page Is Currently Under Construction and Awaiting Additional Material from Hard Chargers Who Were There.

The history covered here is brief, and it does not tell the entire story. Each individual involved in a conflict has his own story as he saw it. Personal accounts and stories may be found in the Oral History and Buddies area. If you were a member of the 30th during this time period, your stories are welcomed and encouraged.

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