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The links page will allow you to visit sites similar to our home page. They have been grouped under headings to allow you to quickly find a subject and check out what links we have for that area. If you have a favorite link that you would like to share, send it to the web master.

Brush up on what is happening in the Armed Forces and the DOD.

Defense News
Fort Hood
Military City, Online


Gunners of Australia

Information, History and some other links related to the Artillery

29th Field Artillery Regiment History Page
Artillery Terms and Tactics
Cannon Artillery Manufacturers
Fort Sill, OK -- The home of the Field Artillery
Artillery Lineage

The Fighting 15th, Home Page of the 15th Field Artillery

Although Not An Artillery Unit, These People Helped Many
of Our Own. The 93rd Evacuation Hospital

TALL COMANCHE, C/2/5 Cav, One Of The Units We Supported, a Great Bunch Of Guys, Even Though They Were Grunts.

National Center for PTSD
PTSD Resources Web Page
VA Related Information
American Legion
Military Order of the Purple Heart
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Disabled American Veterans
American Veterans (AMVETS)
Veterans Helping Veterans
PTSD Facts for Laymen
More PTSD Information
Looking for Forms? This Site Should Supply All You Need

Specific Sites Related to WW-II

World War-II Oral Histories
New Oral Histories at The Drop Zone WW-II
Almost 500 Sites About or By WWII Veterans
Military History Site for the Aleutian Islands
Military History Site, Kodiak Island Specific


Links to Various Sites About Vietnam

Angel Fire, The Vietnam Veterans National Memorial
1st Cavalry Association
War Stories, A Compilation
Find A Name On The Wall
The Wall
Vietnam Veterans on the NET!
Viet Vets Site
For Veterans
General Information
Vietnam Images
Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association
Blue Max-Need I Say More
Vietnam Veterans on the InterNet
LRRPs/Rangers of Vietnam
227th Assault Helicopter
77th Artillery Association
An Aussie Gunner Salutes POW/MIA


Want a change of pace? Check these out!

Joke Wallpaper
Welcome to TerraServer
Comic Relief
Murphy's Laws
When You Were Born