Then and Now

We all change with time. This is a page of memories and an attempt to show how we have aged gracefully. Your picture is not here? You have not sent one, but be careful. your picture might appear here in the future. We are going through many old photos and we will post them soon. If you have a picture from then and one from now, send them to the webmaster. If not, your picture may not be the one you want the world to see.

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A young soldier stands in his battery area sometime in 1966. Do you recognize this soldier? Where is he now and what does he look like today?
(Left) Bill Gregory and Sam Abrams share a few laughs in Tay Ninh Province in 1969. (Right) Bill Gregory at the 1999 Reunion in Nashville.
Don Shacklette at the Nashville Reunion in 1999. (Inset) Don in April of 1970. There is more hair on his upper lip now than on his head.
(Left) 1SG Tom Vernor stands in front of a 155 towed somewhere in Tay Ninh Province in 1969. (Right) "Top" Vernor at the 1968 Reunion at Fort Sill.
(Left) Dennis Mills (2nd from right) stands with his buddies from B/1/30. (Right) Proud Grandpa Dennis in 1999
(Left) Charles (Chuck) Stevenson stands on the helipad at LZ Grant on March 7, 1969. (Right) Still skinny after all these years, Chuck stands between "Skip" Wilfong and Tom "Top" Vernor at the 2000 reunion at Fort Sill.
This area reserved for more "Then & Now" pictures. Where are yours? Send us your pictures today. As you can see, we have all aged well, how about you?
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