1st of the 30th Field Artillery
Erlangen, Germany

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The Fabulous Fifties In Germany
What a time to remember. Jim Fleming sent these photos of garrison life in Erlangen, FRG in the early 50's. It was a time of squad bays and barracks life. Jerry Sharp shows good form in the front leaning rest position.
Days filled with details that seemed to have no purpose and short nights with little sleep. Jerry is getting some rack time, maybe the push-ups wore him out!
It was the build up to the Cold War and the 30th was there. It was a time of shiny sateen fatigues and stiffly starched khaki uniforms. Remember the Ridgeway Cap and the aggravating ring that always got bent at the wrong time. Jim Fleming (left) and Jerry Sharp (right) catch up on some reading.
A night on the town required a liberty card and inspection at the gate. You moved out in squad formation looking for the frauliens on the strasse and wondered why they would not stop and talk to what must have looked like a hoard rather than a few GIs out for the night. SFC Emerson E. Collins chases Jerry Sharp with a CO2 fire extinguisher to cool him down.
Your friends lived in the same squad bay and you worked and played together. Diversions were few and appearances were important. When you weren't in the barracks you were on the parade ground, at the motor pool or on your way to Graf, Wildflecken or Hohenfels. PFC Warren shares some time with a baby Roe Deer. This Kitze is about half the size it will be when fully grown.
After a hard day of soldiering members gather at the Officers Club. Left to Right: CWO-4 Martin E Pollard, Svc Btry 1/30; 2LT Harry Marrick, HHB 1/30; 1LT David A Boeshore. SVC Btry CO; 1LT Dennis J LaLaberty, AGC 7th Army, Erlangen Postmaster. Contributed by Dave Boeshore (in the sun glasses).

Members of Service battery, 1/30 FA sit for a unit picture in 1954 at Erlangen, Germany. Do you have the address of any of these people? Have you maintained contact with each other? Contact hrdchrgr43@aol.com with any information or additional pictures to post here.

Another fine photo from the Battalion in Erlangen Germany in 1954.
(L to R) 2LT Joel H. Brettschneider, Assistant Adjutant; CPT Bert F. Bass, Aviation Officer, 1LT Thomas A. Batey, HHB CO; CPT Robert A. Taft, Assistant S3; LTC James H. Hall, BN CO; MAJ Victor A. Stefanovicz, BN XO; 1LT David A. Boeshore, SVC CO; CW2 Louis R. Kelly, Personnel Officer.

Yet another picture from Erlangen. Battery Commanders on parade. Watch out guys, these fellows are serious and proud of their service in the 30th. They are "Striving To The Highest" and getting pictures in to the website. It just shows that their Hard Charger heritage is still strong and thriving. These most recent photos were furnished by Thomas A. Batey, a true "Hard Charger."

Free time in Germany. Bob Wolf lined up a few of his buddies for a quick picture. (L to R) PFC Cook, PFC Modlinski, PFC Rineer and ?. Can you identify with soldier?
It seems like PFC Cook and PFC Rineer had plenty of time to pose for pictures. Ridgeway Caps and Boondockers were order of the day.
One of the places you could go to spend your free time was the Blethen Theatre at Ferris Barracks.
Free time was limited. The AGI (Annual General Inspection) was always out there waiting to pounce. You would lay out all your TA50-901 on your bunk in the prescribed manner. All clean and polished and ready for inspection. The only thing missing here is a trooper standing tall for inspection.
Then they visited the motor pool to see that everything was ready and accounted for in that area. Floors clean enough to eat off of and everything on line.
Right down to the OVM for each vehicle and all the tools in the mechanic's number one common tools set.
CPL Herbert Kappel puts the final touches on a 1919A3 Browning Machine Gun. You could always tell a machine gunner, he had his headspace guard threaded through the button hole of his shirt. That Go/No Go gauge was an absolute when it came to setting the headspace on the .30 Cal. Browning Air Cooled.
About the time the AGI was finished it was time to load up and head for Grafenwoer, Hohenfels or Wildflecken for a little time communing with nature. Service practice and service firing were part of the daily life in Erlangen. It seemed at times that you were either in the field, just got back or preparing to go.

Bob Wolf came through with some more pictures from Erlangen. Three men pose on an ammo truck. Can you identify these men? Send the information to hrdchrgr43@aol.com if you can.
The engine compartment on the M-5 High Speed Track. It looks like some of the cars today. Where is the fuel pump? Probably on the bottom so you have to pull the entire engine just to change the filters.
Erlangen Ammo Dump. Remember pulling quard here? Especially in the winter when the stove glowed bright red and your knees toasted while your tail froze and vice cersa.
A group gathers at the motor pool. (L to R) Cook, Rineer, Jenson, Bob Wolf, Evans and Kapple. Kneeling on front row (L to R) Rae, Hoover and Wells. The Motor Officer stand to the right, does anyone remember his name?
The mouse that roared? SFC Hoover and PFC Kapple at the motor pool.
Up a tree for no reason? No, a lineman is stringing wire in the woods.
Organization day, July 5, 1954. A day of fun and games and a chance to relax with a little friendly competition.
Learn to ski. Southern Bavaria and Garmisch Partenkirchen was a favorite get away location. The Patton Hotel sat at the base of the Hausbergbahn and rooms were $3 a night. Corporal Dallas J. (Red) Garver points out the available days.
"Red" in a more familiar pose, with the tools of his trade. A place for everything and everthing in its place.
"Hard Stripe" Corporal or not you still had fatigue duties on "GI" night. Corporal Garver (R) joins Bob Wolf (L) in waxing the floors. Look at that parquet oak. You can bet you could see your face in it after they finished.

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