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The pictures are starting to come in from the Hard Chargers in "C" Battery. If you have a picture from "C" Battery while you were there, send them to

We want to see "C" Battery well represented.

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Steve Clark sent these pictures of various people in "C" Battery while in Camp Evans. (L to R) Mark Nichols "Nuckles", Herbert? Belle and Opie Opaliski take time to pose for the camera. Nuckles was on the guns, Belle was with the mess hall and Opie worked with the ammo section.
Specialist Don Davis was working on the 5 Ton when he posed for this picture. The 5 Ton truck was used to move ammunition from the ammo dump or logistics pad to the gun positions. Don was with the "C" Battery ammo section.
Hootch Sweet Hootch, not Home Sweet Home. But if it kept the rain off and the bugs out it was a welcome sight. Life around a major encampment was much better in some ways than life on a fire base. Lin poses beside a tin roofed mess hall. The tin roof was great until the monsoon rains beat down or the sun turned the inside into an oven. We believe Lin was with the "C" Battery FDC. Come on troops, lets get more pictures in here of "Chuckles" battery.
Greg Gearheart sent in this next group of pictures. Sgt Neff and Greg on LZ Laramie.
Greg (center) with a group of new guys to C Battery. Anyone know their names?
A 155 sitting in its pit on LZ Laramie
LZ Laramie, about Christmas of 1966. The picture of Santa Claus was painted by Jim Sandy. Where is Jim today?
Greg and James Cline pose during a break at LZ Two Bits.
LZ Laramie
Article from Stars and Stripes. In case you can't read it:

"Landing Zone Laramie is an impregnable citadel unknown in past wars.
But this is a helicopter war and perhaps it is not so incredible to see a jeep or 155mm howitzer perched on rocky heights.
Laramie, the home of the men of Battery C, 1st Battalion,30th Artillery and command post of the 1st Cavalry Division's 5th Battalion, 7th Cavalry, sits high on the top of rocky mountains overlooking the enemy saturated An Loa Valley and Bong Son Plain.
A frequent sound is the thundering report of 155mm howitzers which crack the air day and night, supporting cavalry troopers conducting Operation Pershing. Somehow, either through practice or weariness, the cliff dwellers manage to sleep through this angry sound.
From strategic positions, machineguns and quad-50s protect the plains side of the mountain from enemy invasion.
On the valley side, artillery pieces can be fired directly down the hill.
In past wars, the infantry was always commanded to take the high ground and amny of the bloodiest battles were fought for control of a hill. With airmobility this pattern is reversed. Troops can be flown and dropped on the top of the hill."

James Jackson, James Cline and Tom Tobias firing a mission from LZ Laramie.
C/1/30, Section 6. James Jackson, Gomuski, James Drake, Jim Samdy, Kenneth Nagle Sr., and Tom Tobias. Let's find these guys and say "Welcome Home" and have a section reunion at our next get together.
Ron Brown sent in the next photos. Gun crew in action in 1966 in the Phu Cat area.
Forward Observer Lt. Teal and Recon Sgt. Blevin
ready the Jeep for March Order. 1966
Dec.66. Getting ready to go see Bob Hope.
On the left Is FO RTO PFC Brown. On the right is gun crew member PFC Nichols.
Forward Observer Recon Sgt. Blevin (right) and RTO PFC Brown having a beer with Korean Tiger Division men near Phu Cat in 1966. The ROC Army had a perimeter around C Battery guns while we supported their mission.
An interesting picture sent in by a member of "C" Battery. This time exposure shows "Spooky" working out. "Spooky" was a converted C47 or DC3. Miniguns were mounted on the side and fed by crew members. Each minigun was able to fire 6,000 rounds a minute of 7.62 ammunition. Every fifth round was a tracer. Here, the aircraft is in a banking turn with all its guns firing. The line of red is produced by the tracers.
C Battery in 1969. Bob Imler came through guys and gave us some names. Jim Pinchback with headband. Far right, Jerry Wittenberg, right Fred Chandler, center Bob Imler, leaning down is Bill Lambert and at left rear is Jim Magestro.
Doug Lawrence (on right) sent these photos. Can any of you help with the names of the others seen here?
Doug Lawrence on top of bunker, glasses with brown hair John ???, at right with black hair and glasses Par More. Hand on projo is Fred Chandler, Bob Imlers with hand on hip, curly hair belongs to Larry Bacon and Bill Lambert is in the rear.
Larry Bacon keeling and working on jack. Fred Chandler is looking at the camera and Jim Magestro at far right.
Stowing Joes: Pat More in front, Jerry Wittenberg to his right, Bill Lambert on the left and Bob Imler behind Pat More.
Taking a break: Jerry Wittenberg smoking, made in the shade are (L to R) Bill Lambert, Pat More and Fred Chandler.

Bob Imler sends some pictures from Gun 5 at LZ Louis. Kneeling--Fred Chandler
Left to Right--Randy Antonelli, Jerry Wittenberg, Jim Pinchback, John????, Jim Magestro, Larry Bacon, Pat More.
Top--Bob Imler

Marvin Chambers, Stanley Standingbear, Bob Imler, Ed McAllister and ?????
Front--Bob Imler Left---Marvin Chambers
????, Stanley Standingbear, Jose Crespo and
Reserved for more C Battery Pictures

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