B "Bravo" Battery
30th Field Artillery Battalion
1/30 Field Artillery
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This gun sits in a typical air mobile firing pit. berms have been pushed up to protect the crew, culvert sections, perforated steel plating (PSP) and sand bags have been used to construct blast walls and storage bunkers.
The M114A1 in action. The TOE (Table of Organization and Equipment) called for a 13 man crew, but Vietnam and the split battery concept made changes necessary. Six men man this gun to fire a GAP (Ground Air Preparation), a member of the FDC crew and the battery medic bring the number to eight. Shoot, move and communicate, were the mainstay of an artillery unit.
The fastest way to move was by air and the CH54 was the only helicopter able to lift the guns. (Read about the first air movement in "Vietnam 65-66."
Fire Support Base Judy, East- Northeast of Song Be and Nui Ba Ra Mountain was possibly the longest occupied FSB in the area. It was opened in October 1969 by 2/12 Cav. On 1 December the 2/12th moved on and it was occupied by the 6th Battalion ARVN Airborne and Battery B, 2nd ARVN Airborne Artillery. This aerial view shows a typical battalion sized operations base with positions for six 105mm howitzers, three 155mm howitzers, the Tactical Operations Center (TOC) and perimeter bunkers. Defensive positions were continually improved by installing chain link fencing (to prematurely detonate RPGs before they hit the structure) and clearing fields of fire. The kill zone on Judy extended out almost 80 meters in most places. Notice the water filled impact craters across the base, a sign that "Charlie" had us zeroed in.
When a new bases was opened, it looked much like the picture at the right. John Kovachs and Jan Gull of B/1/30 take a short break to pose for a picture near their new home. For the typical "gun bunny" shooting was only a small part of the chore. Sand bagging their position, constructing ammo bunkers and unloading the pallets of projectiles and powder took almost all of their "free time."
What little free time existed was used to catch up on sleep, read a book or listen to the radio.  Another favorite past time was taking pictures
Here a crew from B/1/30 on FSB Lolita take a break to pose for a picture and work on their sun tan. Unfortunately the beautiful reddish brown tan usually went away with a judicious application of soap and water. Left to right: Jerry Hall of Ohio, John Sutton of Tennessee, Dennis Mills, North Carolina; Bob Dziura of Chicago. Walter Dail of North Carolina is at the back of the group.

The 155 could reach out to 14,600 meters with its 95 pound high explosive projectile. In many cases the support required was closer to the base. Smoke and dust rise from artillery fires and rockets from ARA Cobras as they fire on enemy positions within a mile of the fire base.
OK Hard Chargers, it is time to get into that shoe box in the attic or the garage and dig out those olds pictures. Uncle Don is afraid that this will turn into his private scrapbook. John Kovachs, John Dynes and others in the Association have sent pictures for the website. Now it is your turn. Mail or scan and e-mail your photos today.
Doing so will keep you from having to see my ugly mug too many times. At the right is a picture of your younger (and thinner) Web Master. Name the people if you can, if you cannot at least tell us where the picture was taken. Maybe someone else can help identify the people. This is your Association and your web site, let's make it the best that we can.
Shoulder patch of the ARVN Airborne Division.
Battalion Crest of the 6th Battalion of the ARVN Airborne Division
1970 "B" Battery Two cannoneers take some free time (L) CPL Blevins (R) Willie Foster.
The gun crew. (Top Left) Willie, The Section Chief, Dennis Bonin, Larry Norfork, CPL Blevins, (Left middle) Robert Ducy, Earl Dicus, Carl Wyant (flashing peace sign) and ???from Oregon. Can you identify this man? Pictures furnished by Bill "Willie" Foster.
Three Bob's enjoy the sun and some quiet time. Bob Fuggiti, Bob (the #&*^%)Cook and Bob Foster. Bob Foster was from New Mexico, where are Bob Cook and Bob Foster now? We would love to hear from you guys.
Yep, looks like Aunt Tillie's scrapbook. This is probably one of the best pictures of the 155 M114A1 that we have. Bob Foster and Bob Curran. Four Bob's in "B" Battery.
It was 31 October 1969 when a skinny Dennis Mills posed in front of the battery sign on LZ Mary, just southeast of Song Be.
Dennis sent us a number of pictures. Dennis, Billy Todd and ??? take a break from duty. Squeeze those brain cells Troops and let's get an identity for this person, send it to hrdchrgr43@aol.com. Even though they pose by a picnic table, it was not a picnic on LZ Mary.
Dennis and Lady. Every battery seemed to have a dog. They were all the same color and I often wondered if they were washed if they might not be white? You had to wonder about a dog that lived on "C" Rations and had droopy ears.
Fire Mission, January 1970 FSB Lee
February 1970 found "B" Battery on LZ Lolita. First day of occupation and the berm has been pushed up around the gun. Ammo and sleeping bunkers yet to be built. The crew takes a break to pose for a picture in the uniform of the day.
Free time was a scarce commodity, sitting down was a luxury at times. Dennis Mills and Walter Dail take a break.
Fire Base Mo and a visitor swung in. The gent with the clean white shirt is Ron Ely, television's "Tarzan."
Three day R&R in country, Dennis Mills, Dennis Bonin and Walter Dail
The big day comes at last. Dennis Mills "pulls the tail on the pig" for the last time. This is the last round he fired before coming home.
B Battery FDC Day Shift 1969

(L to R) Bill Kuntz from New York, LT Hock from Maryland, Mel Champlain from California.
(Kneeling) Section Chief "Tink" Washburn from Texas, Gerald Nikolaus from Wisconsin.

B Battery FDC Night Shift 1969

(L toR) Steven Taylor from Oregon, Woody Cole from Colorado. (Kneeling) Bob Greenwall from Chicago and Ken Beuchel of Kentucky

B Battery FDC 1969 on FSB Caroline
Gerald Nikolaus, Bob Greenwall, James Doughty
Gary Leasure, Eddie Sauer (Guns) and Bill Kunz

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