Now is the time for all you World War Two "Hard Chargers"to break out
your "Ike Jackets" and share those memories. We were sadly lacking in
this area until a group of our members came through. Enjoy their views of
life in the 30th FA in the Aleutians and Europe. The cast of characters you
will see could be our fathers, uncles or brothers.
They were the first of the Hard Chargers and some of the pictures bring out
the reality of Army life during World War Two. Take a look and find out
what a "Daisy Mae" looked like and what it was like to live in the Aleutian
Islands. Join the men with the projo slinging bear for their symbol in a
review of their lives during the war.

Was the snow really that deep? No the tents were dug in for protection. Shell fire or wind, both cut to the bone. Corporal Snyder poses outside his "Home Sweet Home."
The landscape was bleak and the wind never seemed to stop blowing. In the winter, cold was the enemy as much as the Japanese. In the summer it was the national bird of the Aleutians, the mosquito. Private Righthouse of Indiana shows the latest in artic wear.
When the long winter gave way to a short spring and summer the snow melted and left the mud. Private Edwards models the summer uniform.
It was early in the war and the 30th still carried the Springfield rifle. Could this John Rambo's father?
Private Dwyer is:
A. Showing off his new knife
B. Getting ready to shave
C. Protecting himself from mosquitos
The landscape of Amchitka had little to appreciate let alone break the wind.
Fegget, Corporal Kitel, Lane and Corporal Duckworth show off the fatigue uniform and their "Daisy Mae" hats.
"September Morn" or just could not wait for a bath this spring, Dennis shows off in style.
T4 Long sits outside a Quonset Hut somewhere in the Aleutians.
It was mud or rocks everywhere. Edwards again posing in front of a .50 M2 on an anti-aircraft mount.
Shirley, Arrowsmith and Monroe
Fegget and friend, either a bushy tailed dachshund or an Artic Fox.

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